ACS Installation using Ansible

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ACS Installation using Ansible

Good Afternoon - hopefully not a ridiculous question or one that has been answered elsewhere Smiley Happy.

I had great success installing Alfresco using the GitHub project which provides an Ansible playbook capable of deploying Alfresco Content Services (ACS).  The process is described here which seems almost as simple as it ought to be and coming from an Opentext Content Server background this was like a breath of fresh air !

However on a couple of occasions the Virtual Machine seems to have been corrupted (most likely a failure on my part to shutdown the Virtual machine before a reboot !) and so a re-install has been necessary.  In itself not a big issue (this is a virtual machine after all and contains nothing either significant or important) but the install using 'vagrant up' although seemingly successful doesn't result in anything usable with all URLs seemingly unreachable.

For completeness I am using a Windows 10 Pro laptop (Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19045) with Oracle VirtualBox (Version 7.0.4 r154605 (Qt5.15.2)) and Vagrant (2.3.4) with the necessary access to Nexus (credentials stored in machine wide environment variables).  

Are there some steps to follow to try and understand what causes these 'blips' rather than the unscientific practice of simply trying again ?

Many thanks,