Add jar to a running instance of alfresco?

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Add jar to a running instance of alfresco?


Setup: Running custom-made alfresco images in containers.

Do I have to add jar-files to the Dockerfile before I build it? Or is it possible to add them dynamically to an already running alfresco image? Or by specifying them as JAVA_OPTS or something in the ENV part of the container setup?

I have two alfresco instances that will run mostly the same extensions, but they need to be open to having different ones installed. Kind of thought it would be neat to have 1 image and then specify which extensions to include from some configuration file.

If this is considered a bad idea please provide further explanation on how it should be done and why Smiley Happy



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Re: Add jar to a running instance of alfresco?


You could build an Alfresco Content Service parent Docker image based on the official ACS Docker image and you add the common configuration and extensions.

Then, you could build your children Docker images based on the previous parent Docker image and add the particular jars for each one.

So, you Will have three Docker images:

1. Parent Docker image with common ACS configuration and features.

2. Child 1 with some jars 

3. Child 2 with another jars.