Add Metadata/preview of Signed PDF File

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Add Metadata/preview of Signed PDF File

Hi all,

I need to upload some signed pdf file, but on an Alfresco fresh community install i cannot see any preview and no metadata for search. I'm tryng to understand which may be the best approch to solve this kind of problem.

I found this approch: create a new MimeType and configure Transformation and Customize Metadata Extraction for the new MimeType. But the signed files, also if have a different extension (not .pdf) may be treated exactly like a pdf.

Is there a manner to use the same stuff working for PDFs? 

Indeed, exists a manner to say Alfresco/Tika which are the metadata to associate to the file? (I should do this via API in async manner).

Thanks for any suggestion.



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Re: Add Metadata/preview of Signed PDF File

This project may help you

Includes custom model and signature properties extraction.

Hyland Developer Evangelist