Adding 'full path' to Tag serach

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Adding 'full path' to Tag serach


Is there a 'simple' way to add the full path for a document when using a tag search?  When there are lots of files with the same name in multiple directories, it is difficult to identify which file is which, so having the full path visible would be really helpful.

Can this be done easily, or do we have to customize the search screen?



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Re: Adding 'full path' to Tag serach


I see two simple options:

1) First one needs some customization. You can develope and configure a custom metadata template for showing this additional path info. This will help to filter by tag and then selecting the corresponding view. 

2) Second one is just to put TAG:"mytag" or ASPECT:"cm:taggable" in search browser. The faceted view includes this path.

Kind regards.