Advanced Search on custom properties doesn't work

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Advanced Search on custom properties doesn't work

I'm running locally in Eclipse Alfresco AIO project. Share version is 5.2.f. Platform version is 5.2.g. SDK version 3.0.1.


I want to add custom advance search form which will search for my custom properties.


I did below steps but when I try to search for my custom property using my custom advanced search form it gives me ' 0 results ' every time.


I'm testing it like this:

1. I create random file in folder

2. then I change type of that file to 'ex:document', then I see my custom property field

3. I click on edit properties and I fill this field with some text.

4. Then I try to search for this property but it gives me 0 results.

I also checked solr.log, alfresco.log, share.log -- all without exception's.


Did I miss something? Is there any additional configuration needed? I'm assuming its problem with indexing in solr? Please can anybody help, I'm very new to Alfresco.



I did these steps:


I created my custom model exampleContentModel.xml file in location alfresco/module/model/:


              <!-- Custom types for advanced search forms -->  

            <type name="ex:casesSearch">




<type name="ex:document">



                <property name="ex:clientName">





Then I edited my share-config-custom.xml file where I added advanced search forms in location src/main/resources/META-INF/:

<config evaluator="node-type" condition="ex:document">


<!-- Default form configuration for the cm:content type -->



<show id="cm:name" />

<show id="cm:title" force="true" />

<show id="cm:description" force="true" />

<show id="ex:clientName" force="true" />




<set id="docSet" appearance="bordered-panel"

label-id="form.set.label.document" />

<field id="ex:clientName" label-id="form.field.label.hypo.klantnaam" set="docSet" />







<!-- __________________________________ advance search form declaration _________________________________________________ -->

<config evaluator="model-type" condition="ex:casesSearch">


<form id="search">


<show id="ex:clientName" />






<!-- __________________________________ Advanced search form's configuration _________________________________________________ -->


<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="AdvancedSearch">


<!-- Forms for the advanced search type list -->


<!-- The 'form' config element contains the name of the model type of

the form to display. The element supports the following optional attributes:

id = form id, the id of "search" will be assumed if not set label = label

text to display - defaults to model type if not set labelId = I18N message

id of label text to display description = description text to display descriptionId

= I18N message id of description text to display -->

<form labelId="Cases site"






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Re: Advanced Search on custom properties doesn't work


Please make property searchable.


<property name="mcm:id">
        <index enabled="true">

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Re: Advanced Search on custom properties doesn't work

You have defined a custom avanced form for type "ex:casesSearch" but  have created a content with the type "ex:document". 

The "ex:casesSearch" avanced search form is going to filter for this type and metadata and never is going to find a content of type "ex:document".

Notice too,  that in the search result page you have to select if the search is done for all ther repository or only in the sites.