Advantage and desadvantage CMIS AND REST

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Advantage and desadvantage CMIS AND REST

HI community,

I'm doing a comparative study beetween CMIS AND REST.
I already list  the features offered by CMIS AND REST ,can someone help me to do a conclusion that shows the advantages and disadvantages of both , except that REST offers more features than CMIS 

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Advantage and desadvantage CMIS AND REST

Thanks for your question.

I suggest you also post your comparison ("list of features"). It may also help you reach your own conclusion based on your context & evaluation criteria.

See also other related posts and links, such as:


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Best Regards,


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Re: Advantage and desadvantage CMIS AND REST

Thank you Jan Vonka for your advise and links , i post my comparison even if it's in French? , to summarize i have recovered all the CMIS features from Index of /cmis/CMIS/v1.1/   and REST features from after i did a full join to have a table with 2 columns CMIS AND REST

Context : i used an alfresco connector to connect bonita to Alfresco but  nowaday bonita don't maintain the connector with new versions so i'm doing a benchmark to choose the best solution.

Best Regrds,


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Re: Advantage and desadvantage CMIS AND REST

Hi ,

On a very high level: 

CMIS API are based out of specification and have a strong feature of interoperbility . It is based on OASIS standard - where the content services platform agree to support those minimal set of apis to be CMIS compliant. 

REST API's are specific to Alfresco and terms are people,sites etc like alfresco terms.

Alfresco Content Services REST API Explorer 

But since CMIS is a minimal apis built for interoperability , it may not have all apis which can be used by client . So rest API's are there to use and accomplish.

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