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alflytics error


I have an issue with the alflytics installation.

When I am trying to run alflytics from Tools->Alflytics, it opens the main dashboard but in that dashboard, it gives the message "Error processing Component".

When I am trying to configure alfresco instance from the configuration tab it gave me Error as"Configuration not saved, check log and try again".

 I have attached all the screenshots of the error message.


thanks and regards.





alflytics error.PNGconfiguration window.PNGcheck tab error.PNG

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Alfresco Employee

Re: alflytics error

Hi @amar7295,

I think it is an installation issue (of the Alflytics addon, I mean),
I suggest to reinstall Alflytics and check the Pentaho catalina.out log file for any eventual error.

Only when clean, try to extract and then access the dashboard.

I hope this will help you.

Active Member

Re: alflytics error

Hello @fcorti,

Thank you for your reply. 

As per your suggestion, I have reinstalled Alflytics and it works but after extraction, I am getting the extraction log but when I am trying to generate reports it displays no data found.

I have attached the screenshots.

thanks and regards.check1.PNGreport generation.PNG

Alfresco Employee

Re: alflytics error

As you can see from the Data Quality dashboard, there are probably some unexpected data about users extraction.

In this case the solution is to look at the ETL (on Pentaho side) and see the "dirty" data.

Usually the Pentaho catalina.out shows the error in the log. Sometimes you can understand the issue also from there.

I hope it will help.