Alfresco 4.2 Logout issue Siteminder

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Alfresco 4.2 Logout issue Siteminder


We are using alfresco enterprise 4.2.x

we have 4 different nodes 

e.g.   Alfresco-01






I am able to login and logout successfully in Alfresco-01 , now problem is Alfresco-02 able to login but it is not able to Logout , when I click logout it stay on same page and when I check inspect element via chrome browser I am able to see below

Also below

I verified httpd.conf for all 4 node that is matched and OK.  what should be the issue here then.

It is not going to logout page.

Ideally while clicking logout

should give me output like below

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Re: Alfresco 4.2 Logout issue Siteminder

Looks like you are simply being reauthenticated by SiteMinder against Alfresco. The logout action in Alfresco will only kill the HTTP session but may not kill the already authenticated SiteMinder session. Since I do not know how SiteMinder is integrated in httpd and what configuration properties would be relevant, I cannot give any pointers...

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Re: Alfresco 4.2 Logout issue Siteminder

Strange thing is Alfresco-01 is successfully authenticated and worked fine with logout action, while  problem is with alfresco-02

I check and compare all files required   ( httpd.conf / ssl.conf )