Alfresco 4.2c pickerchildren location

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Alfresco 4.2c pickerchildren location

Hi. I have a problem locating pickerchildren.get.js which is what I need to edit to get new property to the ftl. The thing is I located pickerresults.ftl which I was able to edit. I only was able to find this webscript in the tomcat directory 


I couldn't locate it directly in the codes, neither in the alfresco 4.2.c jar file.

Can someone help me locate this file?

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Re: Alfresco 4.2c pickerchildren location

As you can see in the official svn, the file is located in the alfresco-remote-api.

alfresco-open-mirror - Revision 138279: /alfresco/COMMUNITYTAGS/V4.2c/root/projects/remote-api/confi... 

Anyway to override it you only has to follow extensión mechanism for web scripts creating your own versión of the file under an extensión folder in the package org/alfresco/repository/forms.