Alfresco 5.2 CE / Share : questions regarding file download

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Alfresco 5.2 CE / Share : questions regarding file download

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Alfresco but I've read many docs and customized my installation except on two points :

  1. when uploading a file "MyFile.pdf", users sometimes rename the file title to "MyFile". The consequence is that when downloading it, the oownloaded file is name "MyFile" and has no extension. Users have to rename it to "MyFile.pdf" or to choose the correct program to open it. How can I force the download links to always add the correct file extension ?
  2. When uploading a non-PDF file (i.e "MyFile.xslx"), a PDF version of the document is generated. When downloading the original version, the file will be name "MyFile.xlsx". But when downloading the pdf version, the file is named "document.pdf". Is it possible to force the PDF rendition to set the same name as the original file ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Alfresco 5.2 CE / Share : questions regarding file download

Hi @devin & welcome to Alfresco!

1) One way to avoid this situation might be to disable the edit functionality on the name field. However, that's far from simple.

You might be able to override the name input in your share-config-custom.xml file but you'd have to be careful that you didn't disallow it when creating new files within Share.

An easier option might be to load some jQuery on page load to disable the name field during the properties edit popup?

Another approach would be to apply a behaviour on the folder - see Jeff Potts tutorial. See also this somewhat tantalising  thread.


2) Can't remember seeing this behaviour.


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