alfresco 5.2 content deployment and builds management

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alfresco 5.2 content deployment and builds management

I am working with alfresco 5.2 on windows with a mysql database and I have what i would assume is a simple question.  Is there a tool that can show me all of my Alfresco instances that spans multiple servers.  

The tool will need to be able to do the following:

  1. Show all alfresco instances including dev, qa, staging and prod
  2. Select content granular or all data between environments. Example move entire content from alfresco and mysql from prod to staging for testing.
  3. Keep track of changes that were pushed and when they were pushed between environments.

Is there any tool like this out there that is currently available

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Re: alfresco 5.2 content deployment and builds management

There is no such standard tool, because there is no generic way to deal with this for multiple Alfresco customers. Each setup of Alfresco is in some form or another different. Starting from the operating system, database and file storage being used, to how the installation is set up (default installer, which is geared more for evaluation environments, vs. proper, granular production install vs. containerised infrastructure). Moving data from prod to any other environment is something that may be very different from customer to customer / user to user. Some organisations impose strict data security policies that prohibit all or parts of the content to be automatically transferred into a system with laxer security / confidentially procedures (which staging / test usually is).

The way a system is configured can also be very different - some customers may only have, some may add Spring XML files and others may even already use external configuration directories (LDAP via JNDI) to centrally manage configuration properties.

There are typically tools in (some) organisations that have been built / tailored to their individual requirements and constellation, either by the organisation or their implementation partner. In 8 years working with Alfresco I have yet to see an easily transferable solution...