Alfresco 5.x installed on SAN

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Alfresco 5.x installed on SAN

Hallo everyone, i'm about to install a linux server (probably Ubuntu 16.04 o debian 9) with a SAN connected to it (a HPE MSA1050). I would like to install alfresco 5.x in the shared drive in the SAN. 

Do you know if there is known problems with an installation like that?

Also i would like to know if there is a limit in the partition table size, the alf_data could reach more or less 30/40 TB in the future.

Kind regards, Marco.

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Re: Alfresco 5.x installed on SAN

Hi Marco,

Alfresco doesn't really care what type of storage it receives for its' data. There's some architecture choices to make though. For example, it's common to separate the disposable part of the installation (not your data, but the Alfresco software itself) from your data by installing Alfresco on a server and configuring it to store it's content and database to a network location.

However, for your stack related choices, you should check out this page: 

As for partition tables, I think this is an OS issue more than an Alfresco issue, as Alfresco will use any space it needs and has available.

For spanning over multiple mount points, perhaps you could consider an aggregating content store: Aggregating content store | Alfresco Documentation .