Alfresco 6.1 and the latest version of its components

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Alfresco 6.1 and the latest version of its components

Hi everyone, I need to deploy Alfresco (Content Services) Community using Docker Compose. I want basically the latest stable version of everything.

Following the instructions here:, I found out that the version of Content Repository Community is 6.1.2-ga and that makes sense to me (see: What's bothering me is that Share and Search Services are RC ones so Release Candidates.

I guess I can (and it's better to) use Share 6.1.0 (looking at tags here: instead of 6.1.0-RC3 and Search Services (looking at tags here: instead of 1.3.0-RC2, right?

What is the process of Alfresco about releases and what are the recommandations regarding the versions to choose for a new project that will go in Production eventually?

Thank you.

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Re: Alfresco 6.1 and the latest version of its components

The versions you have picked sound reasonable. It is a shame that the 6.1.2 GA release has been so messed up. It did not use to be that way with Alfresco, but 6.1.2 GA is the first release after a long-term product manager, who previously was responsible for releases, had left the company and it looks like the new folk(s) taking over that responsibility had not figured out yet how to properly bundle a release, given how more and more of the product is being de-coupled into components which have their own versioning lifecycle.

For Community installations, the core aspect of anyones process to put it in production includes doing your own testing and defining the combination of versions based on these tests. The official releases are typically only starting points, as some components will have their own releases between those major ones, so you have to follow e.g. the progress of Alfresco Search Services and decide for yourself, which of the newer versions you want to try and use in test / production, or which you actually need for some new feature...