Alfresco 6.1 docker on Ubuntu 18.04 not working

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Alfresco 6.1 docker on Ubuntu 18.04 not working

Hi guys,

I've installed Alfresco on docker on Ubuntu 18.04 VirtualBox following Angel's tutorial

The problem is when the installation finishes, I can't access anything.
If I type localhost:8080 (choose that port) it takes me directly to the login, and the admin-admin is invalid

Also localhost/share and localhost/alfresco are invalid as well

I attach images belowwith the issues and the docker compose file

Node, nmp and yo are installed


Thanks!Captura de pantalla de 2020-05-08 12-59-45.pngCaptura de pantalla de 2020-05-08 13-00-22.pngCaptura de pantalla de 2020-05-08 13-00-36.pngCaptura de pantalla de 2020-05-08 13-03-01.png


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Re: Alfresco 6.1 docker on Ubuntu 18.04 not working

Hi guys @EddieMay  @angelborroy 

I don't know if what i did is right

I've installed following this video:

What I can see, is that it installed me Community 6.2.0.

The problem is I dont have e-sign incorporated. Is there a way to install it?

Or what i've installed is wrong?

I have a container running, docker-compose, but no nodejs and no yo.

Thanks in advanced for your help!Captura de pantalla de 2020-05-11 11-10-57.pngCaptura de pantalla de 2020-05-11 11-11-34.pngCaptura de pantalla de 2020-05-11 11-11-49.png