Alfresco 6.2.0-ga : Unable to login

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Re: Alfresco 6.2.0-ga : Unable to login

Hi @arjunmony ,

Can you please share the link of newer stable version of docker.

Thanks In Advance


Re: Alfresco 6.2.0-ga : Unable to login

@Aswani_Juvva wrote:

Hi @abhinavmishra14 ,

I have provided the updated docker-compose.yml and corresponding config files along with logs in . I have removed the docker containers with docker-compose down and created the volumes before docker-compose up. Still facing the same issue. 

Possibly you are not starting the docker engine as previleged user who can perform operations like "sed" which may be happening while containers are being started. Follow this documentation for more details on setup:


Try starting the docker engine with sudo and see if it works. 

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)
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