Alfresco 6 sdk 4 and Share hot reload (template and JS)

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Alfresco 6 sdk 4 and Share hot reload (template and JS)


Im' new with Alfresco and started generating an sdk 4 project "All in one". Works fine. Build and starting are ok.
I have hot reload working with platform code (Java and JS) but I can't hot reload Share resources (Templates and JS).
I tried to refresh Share webscripts, but it doesn't work.
Is there a way, to make that work ? How do you work with Share developpment without restarting the server at any time ? Did someone managed to make it work ? I didn't find informations with sdk 4 and this problem.
Thanks for your help.

Best regards.

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Re: Alfresco 6 sdk 4 and Share hot reload (template and JS)

Hi @stefanet & welcome to Alfresco!

There is reference to using JRebel (paid) & HotSwapAgent (free) in the 5.2/SKD 3 docs ( However, neither is mentioned in the 6.2/SDK4 docs but in both are mentioned. That said I've been told HotSwap only works in the repo layer, not Share. So, I'd recommend looking at JRebel.


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Re: Alfresco 6 sdk 4 and Share hot reload (template and JS)

Hi @EddieMay ,

Thanks for your reply. I don't have a JRebel licence at the office. We used the HotswapAgent solutions in Alfresco 5 sdk3 and it works well. Now we want to upgrade to sdk 4 and we are surprised that JRebel is the only hot reload solution for sdk 4 on the Share part (Template/JS). Many developpers will have the same problems. Does it mean that the JRebel solution is the only one if you want to use sdk 4 ? We are surprised that this sdk upgrade forces developpers to buy a JRebel licence.

We would like to have developper experiences with sdk 4 but without JRebel. How it is possible to work with sdk 4 like we did in sdk 3. Did someone has solved this problem ?

Thanks for sharing your UX.