Alfresco Benchmark for search query

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Alfresco Benchmark for search query

What is the Alfresco benchmark for responding to search query ?

Is it possible to get 100 records within 4 seconds when there is 1000 concurrent users making similar requests ?

Can anybody help me to get Alfresco benchmark ?

I know benchmark varies as we change the server resources, network latency etc.

But still I want to know  Alfresco benchmark with defined server resources.

We are using Alfresco 5.1 enterprise version.

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Re: Alfresco Benchmark for search query

The question is problematic to answer.

Is it possible to to get 100 records within 4 seconds when 1000 concurrent users are active? Technically, yes - but what is the probabilty of that? "It depends..."

There are too many factors at play here so that you will never find a truly representative benchmark.

Some factors are:

  • IO throughput (SOLR, DB)
  • Cache state (DB, Repository)
  • Network latency (between client, load balancer, Share, Repository, SOLR, DB)
  • Complexity of data model
  • Complexity of query (wildcards, operators)
  • Amount of data indexed (metadata, full-text, ACL)
  • Customisations to permisson evaluation (dynamic authorities)
  • Proxy server in use and its configuration (load balancer method, SSL, compression, caching)
  • Enabled features (access logging, auditing, sharding)
  • Meaning of "concurrent users" (i.e. "fully concurrent" vs "active roughly at same time with simulated 'user think time' delays and other operations mixed in (e.g. view detail of result, or modification)")
  • Basis for timing measurement (HTTP request or web render cycle)

The only "official" / "semi-representative" benchmarks you will find are the Alfresco Scalability benchmarks. But that won't give you a fine-grained answer to your specific case/question.