Alfresco CE 201707 or 5.2 and HTTPS/SSL Access

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Alfresco CE 201707 or 5.2 and HTTPS/SSL Access

Dear All,

I have now been after this for nearly two weeks and no hope in sight--anywhere!  I need to make it so the app is accessed via HTTPS only.  It will be in an internal network unfortunately with no outside or NAT'd address--ALL INTERNAL!

I have since busted my hump trying all the oh so "sure-fired" ways of making this work.  Every single "hey this is gonna work thread!" I've come across has left me with more questions than answers. Smiley Sad

Looking at the "SSL in a production environment" official doc from Alfresco was not very helpful to me. This is because I was never quite sure of what exact entries to make in the Apache/httpd/NginX conf file(s) for sure...

So, in some sort of a pathetic last ditch effort, I am praying someone out there has a "canned solution that works" with either HTTPD or NGINX.  I am running this on RHEL 7.6 so it does not follow the exact file naming conventions.  In other words, it's Apache, but it does not have the aptly named apache2.* files all over creation...Know what I am sayin'?

Anyway, I am in your hands...


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Re: Alfresco CE 201707 or 5.2 and HTTPS/SSL Access

Hope this helps: Configuring Alfresco SSL by using Let's Encrypt - keensoft 

It's using Let's Encrypt but you can use your internal certificate instead.

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