Alfresco CE upgrade path

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Alfresco CE upgrade path

I am currently at Alfresco 5.0.d and want to upgrade to latest alfresco (201901?).

This [ Alfresco Content Services upgrade paths | Alfresco Documentation  ] seems indicate that I could upgrade directly from 5.0.d to 6.1.  But I think that's for ENTERPRISE (the sidebar includes "Upgrading from Alfresco Community Edition" implying that this isn't CE).

  1. In the past the advice on upgrading Community Edition was to upgrade through all intermediate versions?

  2. Or is it sufficient to upgrade through the major versions but using only the last minor version of each major, e.g.,
    A. 5.0.d
    C. 5.2.g
    ... etc (my list runs out because of #3 below)

  3. If that's the way to go, is there a list of all CE versions with links to the zips?  (or without links, I can find the zips if I at least know the list of all CE versions I need to upgrade through).

Many thanks for any advice and links.

Gerald Quimpo

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Re: Alfresco CE upgrade path

I see previous versions here:

So that might be a solution to my #3.  OTOH, based on changes in naming it's not clear which YYYYMM versions are the final minor version in their major version.  Or if that even makes sense still as a concept.  So I guess an answer to #3 would still be a big help.