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Alfresco CIFS Share Permissions

I am running Alfresco Community 5 and set up the CIFS Server as a mapped network drive I want to be able to set this up on other user's workstations but with read only permissions. The process is that they can copy the file make a modification and then bring it to our weekly meeting for review before it is approved. How can I accomplish this?

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Re: Alfresco CIFS Share Permissions

First, you should definitely not use CIFS. It is deprecated in newer releases and it isn't worth the headache in older releases. Instead use WebDAV. You can still mount the repository as a Shared folder in Explorer/Finder. Just map a network drive to (this assumes port 443, adjust as necessary for your case).

Next, you are asking about making that read-only. Your users will have whatever access Alfresco says they are allowed to have. If you have a site that the files reside in, and you want them to have read-only access to that site, make them Consumers on the Site. By default, they'll have read access to everything in the site and won't be able to change anything.

Permissions are effective no matter how users access Alfresco--whether through Alfresco Share, through WebDAV, or an API.