Alfresco cmisatom api not responding

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Alfresco cmisatom api not responding

Hi, I am trying the cloud community 14 day trial for a prospect and I was able to connect to the cmisatom api until a day ago. I still have a week left for the trial but am unable to access the cmisatom api. I have been trying to reach tech support but they keep directing me to hub since I'm no a customer yet. Any help with similar experiences?

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Alfresco cmisatom api not responding

There is few we can do from this site.

However, you can evaluate Alfresco yourself by deploying it locally. There are a bunch of methods to deploy the product with the only requirement to have Docker installed:

By using any of them you're not limited to 14 days and you can perform a deeper evaluation of the product.

Hyland Developer Evangelist