Alfresco Community 7.1 creating large volumes

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Alfresco Community 7.1 creating large volumes


I noticed a large disk space consumption in my alfresco instalation and during a investigation, i found some volumes  undeclared in my compose (green itens are expected, because it was declared on my compose).

99G alfresco-content-data-volume  (contains contentstore files) OK
27G 2e0ba96bd855b44884382c15bb472c88d26f36ecb58025def14598c50d8e2558
26G 9ce7a340ec69d8dedaf2368110411a390281d31a85c32a5b7e637e6bf2b4c239
25G c1498cf562d48b487ad83c6eff25f627c56499d51b375e2f07be1ad3ab667774
24G 0b3445ce4f0b3c40b09f45a8490d84600b86fd3931c128d414821736f7c6ee48
24G 127d334b9b09a583e52c0f842f34ae47dc708a9fc552e4d70780311ca7f40e69
24G 3511b4da5d6d0a668544851c46a038abfc353d703806819077c7de64dfea97ca
21G 13b691b4ee7dc97e9da8020b502edce61f67cbec5d643577dff74cbdc7694d59
21G postgres-db-volume (contains pg data files) OK
19G 0dae8ec4f68e7e9988c169a212d85306ac521dc7d91beb8e2f3bd68b01a4139e
6,2Galfresco-solr-volume (contains solr data indexes) OK


Sample content of volume: 


If i do a command volume inspect, a can see it was crated by SOLR6 and ACTIVEMQ.

The problem it's creating new volumes, and keep old volumes without referece with the containres. Docker documentation  called it "pending volumes". 

I'm using the following docker command to remove this volumes, but its needs to be executed periodically.

docker volume ls  -f dangling=true --filter name='.*[^volume]$',   --filter name='.*[^letsencrypt]$'

docker volume prune $(--filter name='.*[^volume]$', --filter name='.*[^letsencrypt]$')

My questions is: 

-What is this files (some  type of solr backup and temp files of activemq) ? 

-Is there a way to prevent the creation of this volumes?  Or at least to remove aumaticly  old data "pending volumes" ?

What is the correct approaching to handle with this case. ?


Info about my enviroment:

-Alfresco Coomunity 7.1

-Docker version 20.10.7, build 20.10.7