Alfresco Community and LDAP integrated auth headache

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Alfresco Community and LDAP integrated auth headache

Dear all, I am at my wits end with trying to get AD users to authenticate to Alfresco (latest community version).

I am seeing no errors in any of the logs (attached) and the sync of users from AD into Alfresco works so therefore the connection (via a domain based service account) is working correctly.

The behaviour is that there is no pause as the authentication tries to process, it almost immediately comes back saying that username/pwd not recognised or the repository is unavailable.

I have attached the file as well as the tomcat logs (stdout showing an error status 500 connection reset) . I have three questions initially, firstly is my config in the file correct and secondly, could there be issued with the JVM contacting the Domain Controller if the platform security has LDAP signing required (set by gpo)?

Lastly, is there any characters which I cant use in the local password for the admin account (things like <>"^: etc).

Your help is VERY much appreciated and I will of course post up any working config and instructions for the wider group.



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Re: Alfresco Community and LDAP integrated auth headache

As the synchronization is working with the provided configuration, could you try to change the following authentication property for something like this?