[Alfresco Community] Docker-compose and volumes

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[Alfresco Community] Docker-compose and volumes

Hi, forgive me for my bad english.

I'll try now to deploy alfresco using docker. I have found on github this docker-compose provided by alfresco:


Good! But no volumes at all ?? Is someone can give me a list of all binding that I have to do (except for postgresql) to setup persistance data please ? Is someone have have a docker-compose file with the last version please ?

Which is the last community version please ? Thanks in advance for your helps.

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Re: [Alfresco Community] Docker-compose and volumes

Last community version is 6.2.

You should check this project, it gives you just what you want. 

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ellRe: [Alfresco Community] Docker-compose and volumes

hello. thanks for that. I'll check it to get all best practices to deploy alfresco.