Alfresco community edition with Rancher

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Alfresco community edition with Rancher


i have a K3S Rancher Cluster. I'm stucking by installing Afresco Community edition on my Rancher. I have no experience with helm charts. The official documentation doesnt work for me, all the examples i found don't work. Can anyone give me a small step by step tutorial for a production ace installation with Rancher 

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Re: Alfresco community edition with Rancher

Hi @patrik-upspot 

It might be useful if you could outline what is not working for you when attempting installation - at what point is it failing, etc?


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Re: Alfresco community edition with Rancher

I'm struggeling with Helm CHarts. I never used it before. If i wanted to follow the instruction one of the first calls are failed. 

I'm using this instructions

# Run kubectl commands inside here
# e.g. kubectl get all
> helm repo add alfresco-stable

"alfresco-stable" has been added to your repositories
> helm install --name my-acs alfresco-stable/alfresco-content-services-community  \
>                --set repository.adminPassword="WwG6v3WDLH8eBZER" \
>                --set postgresql.postgresPassword="8fJVVybLVrSRarAs"
Error: unknown flag: --name