Alfresco community upgrade not running

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Alfresco community upgrade not running

Good day All,

I am implementing an upgrade from Alfresco 5.0d to Alfresco 5.1, I have used the following steps below:

1. delete default installed database in 5.1 and create empty database 'alfresco'

$ ./psql
postgres=# drop database alfresco;

postgres=# CREATE DATABASE alfresco
postgres-# WITH OWNER = alfresco
postgres-# ENCODING = 'UTF8'
postgres-# TABLESPACE = pg_default
postgres-# CONNECTION LIMIT = -1
postgres-# TEMPLATE template0;
postgres-# \q

3. stop alfresco 5.0. dump old 5.0

$ pg_dump --username alfresco alfresco > database_dump.sql

4. restore database 5.0 into 5.1

$ cat database_dump.sql | psql -q -U alfresco -d alfresco

5. rsync alf_data from 5.0 into 5.1

$ rsync -avh ./alfresco5.0/alf_data ./alfresco5.1/

5. start alfresco 5.1 to upgrade

For step 5, I removed the alf_data in Alfresco 5.1 and ran the "rsync" command which was successfull.

But when I start up the Alfresco 5.1, it goes from "stopped" to "starting" and then back to "stopped", it never moves to "running". 

So the server never comes up.

Does anyone please have an idea what could be the issue?

I look forward to hearing from you all.



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Re: Alfresco community upgrade not running

Could you please share your alfresco.log?