Alfresco Community v4.0 (2012), Ubuntu 12.04, Mysql 5.5

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Alfresco Community v4.0 (2012), Ubuntu 12.04, Mysql 5.5

Hi All
I'm not joking... the title is real...
I'm in a company where I have found that someone here before me created this VM....
now my boss asked me to upgrade it or migrate it...

the question is simple... is it possible to export/dump an Alfresco v4.0 (mysql 5.5) and import it in a Ubuntu 22.04 (better windows 2022) with mysql 5.8 comunity?


PS i know it seems crazy, but I don't know nothing of Alfresco ... (only the admin password Smiley Happy   )

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Re: Alfresco Community v4.0 (2012), Ubuntu 12.04, Mysql 5.5

Hi Simone, 

the problem is not to migrate the database in a VM with a different OS, but rather to migrate that version of alfresco to one of the most recent ones (personally I suggest the latest 7.4.x or 23.1.x). Alfresco is a complex ecosystem that has evolved a lot over time and some of the features present in your version are totally absent in the current one. First of all you should check for the presence of active custom modules in the current installation. Subsequently it would be good for you to understand what alfresco is and what a real migration of this system consists of.

This is a link of a related post about it:

If you need more support from the community, I also suggest you sign up to the Discord channel.