Alfresco control does not fetch its CSS

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Alfresco control does not fetch its CSS

Alfresco version 5.2

I have a lot of pages with controls/pickers/from_dict.ftl control and it always looks well BUT not in dialogs! On regular pages it is nice, but control looks bad in dialogs, it does not use its CSS in dialogs and looks ugly. Please tell me how to fix that?

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Re: Alfresco control does not fetch its CSS

How have you configured Alfresco to load the form control's CSS? What have you specified as rule selectors in the CSS? You may have to keep your rule selectors in a simpler form, since you cannot rely on some of the global selectors (e.g. classes from high-level content containers) to be present in the HTML node path to a dialog. Additionally, there may also be dialog specific overrides which you have to account for when relying on style inheritance.

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Re: Alfresco control does not fetch its CSS


I have done no additional confiuration, just have used control like this:

<field id="namespace:id"  label-id="the.label">
<control template="controls/pickers/from_dict.ftl">
<control-param name="dictName">some dictionary</control-param>
<control-param name="allowNavigationToContentChildren">true</control-param>

and when it is on page I can see it uses object-finder_87bd53dccd4b76a4dfdb56331bcd82c9.css but in dialog the same control does not use this CSS file, maybe there are other problems exists and control looks ugly. For example - images are lost, high is wrong, table heads are visible and so on. Nevertheless it is functional, but ugly, like it has lost all its style.