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Alfresco development tutorials and books

I'm trying to follow ECM Architect Alfresco Developer Series tutorials and although they are very nicely written, I'm having hard time with them as a beginner. The supplied source code doesn't run, every tutorial project reports errors. I've managed to fix some to get at least acs and share to run but I still see tons of errors in logs. I've tried creating my own SDK projects and following the tutorial instead and that works better but some things still need tweaking to make it run and now I'm stuck at the Custom Behaviour tutorial. I cannot figure out how to fix errors to continue and it is overwhelming for me as a beginner.

Are there any up to date books or alternative tutorials for Alfresco development online? Paid content is fine, it doesn't have to be free. The official documentation seems like something that is very useful once you're actually familiar with the basics but right now, some tutorials with examples that I could follow would be more useful. When I do a Google search there seems to be a lot of dead links. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Alfresco development tutorials and books

Much Agreed,

Beginner didn't get official docs as well ecmarchitect links (since its not to the point or way older that does not work)