[ALFRESCO-GLOBAL.PROPERTIES] - include another properties file

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[ALFRESCO-GLOBAL.PROPERTIES] - include another properties file


Can we include another properties file on alfresco-global.properties ?

With liferay I do that :


but doesn't work with alfresco.


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Re: [ALFRESCO-GLOBAL.PROPERTIES] - include another properties file

Every application own architecture.So Its not like that if something would work in liferay than It will work in alfresco.

Global properties contains the global configuration of alfresco.Using global properties you can override the existing property of alfresco.For example the database configuration..

Regarding the question, it would be better if you can tell, that what exactly you would like to achieve by referring new properties file in alfresco-global.properties


Re: [ALFRESCO-GLOBAL.PROPERTIES] - include another properties file

If you develop your extensions / customisations using the "module" approach, you can provide a separate alfresco-global.properties file for each of the extension modules, which will be merged with alfresco-global.properties and so you don't need any inclusion of other files...