Alfresco image not compatible with apple silicon

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Alfresco image not compatible with apple silicon


I am trying to set up alfresco on my local environmetn throw docker (alfresco 7.0.0) the thing is that I have a apple macbook m1 wich has an arm architecture. only the container of postgress seems that is optimized for it since the alfresco, share and solr are amd64 and due to that alfresco never starts.

I am getting some errors about qemu also like these:

It seems that Alfresco needs to update the images to make them compatible for mac arm.

Do you expect to make it compatible? is there any way to setup a local alfresco with docker on m1 macs?

I ahe tried with ther images from docker and also from

Also take into account that the m1 macs were released more than 1 year ago and there are no more intel macs so if alfresco wants to continue give support to apple devices new images need to be generated in order to set up alfresco locally.

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Re: Alfresco image not compatible with apple silicon

I think it is not supported as you have also mentioned.

Check this documentation for more details:

You can also raise an issue here: 

Provide all the steps and detailed logs in the description

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Re: Alfresco image not compatible with apple silicon

Fully agree with Javiersainzmaza. Willing to see any actions from Alfresco to sort it out after 1 year of apple silicon MacBooks on the market. I see it's already becoming an issue in my organization and with more developers jumping on new macs hotter it will become.