Alfresco metadata model property name

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Alfresco metadata model property name


By default, Alfresco metadata model property name is prefixed with Site Id and with a separator colon( : )

For example, If my client is mysite and there exists a metadata model property called description and i create this property via admin console, It takes property name as mysite:description

Is there any way, This separator can be changed to underscore(_)

Please help us

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Re: Alfresco metadata model property name

No - the : separator is required to seperate a namespace prefix from the local name in a qualified name. This is due to the fact that Alfresco uses XML qualified name semantics.

I am not sure why you refer to that prefix as "Site Id" - in Alfresco semantics, this is always a namespace prefix. But since I am not using the UI Content Modeller, where this incorrect label might be applied/used, maybe I am ignorant of secondary locations where different terms are used for this.