alfresco-pdf-toolkit for 7.1 release

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alfresco-pdf-toolkit for 7.1 release

Hi Guys,

We have been using the PDF toolkit in Alf v 6.2.  We built the projects against the supported 6.2 sdk and could then deploy the new amps to the 6.2 alfresco version.  We are now upgrading to 7.1. and hope to follow the same procedure to build the PDF toolkit for 7.1.  Does anyone know if this will work for 7.1?  Also, is there an alternative PDF manipulatiion addon we should be looking at, for example has the pdf toolkit been migrated to another addon that I am not aware of.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide on this.



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Re: alfresco-pdf-toolkit for 7.1 release

any update for this?