Alfresco permission over CMIS

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Alfresco permission over CMIS


I am working on web application which provides documents to users. Documents are stored in Alfresco and all permissions are set in Alfresco (ACL). I would like to connect web application to Alfresco over CMIS. I can connect over CMIS

as "admin" and get specific user information like that:

SELECT * FROM cmSmiley Tongueerson

SELECT * FROM cmSmiley Tongueerson where cm:userName='testUser'

I can also get all information about documents:

SELECT * FROM cm:document

But is it possible filter documents with (for example read access) permission for specific user?

Thank for advice.

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Re: Alfresco permission over CMIS

No, you cannot query objects by permissions.

You can ask an object for its ACL, but you cannot say, "Give me all documents where the ACL has this entry" or "...looks like this".