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Alfresco push notification

hello everyOne,

I create a web script that assigns a task to a user. So, I want that user to have notified when the task is assigned to him. Namely, I want to send a notification to my ADF application containing information about that task.
PS: I didn't want to send an email notification. I want the notification to be shown on my client side.

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Re: Alfresco push notification

I dont think that kind of functionality is available on alfresco repository side. You will have to develop this as a custom feature.

However, there is a hack. You can implement a behavior on task node type UpdatePropertiesPolicy. Gather the details , build a json payload and send it to ADF app. 

Your adf app needs to expose an API which you can call from the behevaior. Once ADF app gets the json from repo side, you can build a notification and show on ADF UI.

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)