Alfresco Rest Api Change Folder Permission

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Alfresco Rest Api Change Folder Permission

Hello everyone.i want to change the   user role information of a folder permission  in alfresco using rest api.But I could not find it in the alfresco rest document.I just found the get service as in the picture.I want update service.Do you have any information on this?

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Re: Alfresco Rest Api Change Folder Permission

Using older 5.0.c Community version, there is this in the webscripts:

POST /alfresco/s/slingshot/doclib/permissions/{store_type}/{store_id}/{id}
Document List Component - set permissions data webscript

Apparently there is a specific JSON body that needs to be sent. There is no documentation on it. One site mentioned it should take this form below:


This returns 200 OK and result body consisting only of: "{}" 

However it does have the desired effect... inheritance can be toggled and users added as locally set by using above notation.