Alfresco SDK takes too much time to start

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Alfresco SDK takes too much time to start

Hello Community,

My project strcture includes Alfresco AIO sdk 2.1.1 along with Alfresco 5.0.3. The sdk usually takes 15-20 minutes to start up. Inititally I thought that it might be due to code compilation and build process and hence didn't pay that much attenton to it. The problem started when the same sdk started taking two hours to start up. Logs and other things are as they were earlier. I reverted back my code to previous commit in git, but the issue is still there. I can share logs as well but I didn't found any suspicious in that. All things were normal. Things which are taking time are 

Alfresco Repository AMP Module.......................SUCCESS [02:28 min]

Alfresco Repository WAR Aggreator................SUCCESS [13:44 min]

Alfresco Share WAR Aggreator..........................SUCCESS [    01:00 h]

AlfrescoShare and Solr4 Tomcat Runner.........SUCCESS [08:33 min]


Also, if there is any way to reduce build time less than 20 minutes, please let me know.


Thanks in advance!!


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Re: Alfresco SDK takes too much time to start

@chawareprafull 15-20 minutes is a lot of time. I have worked with sdk2.x on Alfresco One 5.0.x before we upgraded to ACS 5.2.x. It used to build and install artifacts quickly with all the custom code. 

In your case i doubt that, it is taking more time due to your custom code. Adding custom code does increase the build time but not like 15-20 minutes unless there is something special in your code base.

It could be due to memory issues or slow internet (for downloading the artifacts from remote repositories) or any repository which may not be able to connect for some reason. 

Can you share the following, so that issue can be analysed:

1- Your AIO project structure

2- What all repositories configured in your aio project's parent pom.xml file?

3- Settings.xml, remove credentials if it has any.

4- Run the build and share the log. Try runing from command prompt and save the full build log in a text file. 

e.g. mvn clean install > build.txt

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)