Alfresco Share FQDN change -> Unable to login

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Alfresco Share FQDN change -> Unable to login

Hi guys, 

I've been struggling the last 3 days, trying to work this out : 

Boss said he needs to change the alfresco url from to

I thought I could do that easily. I modified the nginx servername as well as some other strings in and share-config-custom.xml.

I restarted Alfresco... and there it began :

- First thing : my custom login page is back to the default one. 
- Second : existing users can't login anymore.


There must be something obvious I'm missing, maybe with the DB ? Could you please help me sort this problem out ? I'd be really grateful. 

Thanks for your time and suggestions



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Re: Alfresco Share FQDN change -> Unable to login

I think changing the serverName and updating the is enough. share-config-custom.xml file change is required in case your alfresco and share are running on different hosts. There is nothing to do with DB in this case.

I am not sure what is your current setup. But considering that you have a proxy host, a db host and a host where alfresco and share is deployed.

I would change: 

server {
.. server_name; ...
.... }

Required so that proper URLs are prepared:
alfresco.port=80 #As per your current setup. This is an example
share.port=80 #As per your current setup. This is an example

If you are using CMIS to connect, you may also have to set some of the opencmis properties:



[Edit]: If share to alfresco communication is configured to via proxy, then share-custom-config.xml is also required to be modified.


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Re: Alfresco Share FQDN change -> Unable to login

Thank you for your reply and your time.

I think my settings were already correct. Actually, being stuck for too long the day I posted my request, I ended up reinstalling Alfresco Share. I then copied back all config files from the non working Alfresco instance and that did the trick. 

Kind regards, 


Alfresco Employee

Re: Alfresco Share FQDN change -> Unable to login

Hi @ylezy ,

Thanks for reporting how you fixed your issue - this is helpful for other users encountering a similar problem.

Glad you got it fixed.

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