Alfresco Solr Communication

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Alfresco Solr Communication

Can anybody help to me to understand the flow when I upload the file in to Alfresco ?

How and when solr will communicate with Alfresco to index the file content ?

Does metadata indexing and content indexing will happen together ?

what will happen if I have large file (e.g. 100 MB ) file to index ? 

How solr is getting actual file contents from alfresco in case alfresco and solr are on different server ?

How I can verify that document I have uploaded is 100% index ? 

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Re: Alfresco Solr Communication

Database indexing occurs when data is added to the tables. SOLR indexing is an asynchronous process scheduled by default to run every 15 seconds. SOLR and Repository are communicating via HTTP(S) / ReST. You can check if a node is present in the index using the SOLR UI and its admin / index access functionalities.

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Re: Alfresco Solr Communication

If you use solr4 you can find the alfresco/solr configuration in




at the very end you'll find the property alfresco.contentStreamLimit which ist set to 10.000.000 bytes

But there can be other, mime type dependent, limits configured by the transformers.

If you don't have a GUI on your server (like me), you can see the solr UI after importing the client certificate to your workstations browser: Connecting to the SSL-protected Solr web application | Alfresco Documentation