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Alfresco theming

Am trying to customize the alfresco look and feel, i have found tat logos and icons are being rendered through respective classes added to the object model( logoClass and iconClass).

How does  these classes interact and fetch the icon or log ?

Where do they maintain these logic, that this class point this logo/icon?

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Re: Alfresco theming

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Re: Alfresco theming

Thanks for your reply,

//Menu bar
var headerTitle = widgetUtils.findObject(model.jsonModel, "id", "HEADER_NAVIGATION_MENU_BAR");
if (headerTitle != null)
// Change the widget to our custom menu..."HEADER_NAVIGATION_MENU_BAR"; = "alfresco/header/AlfMenuBar";

//delete headerTitle.config.targetUrl;

// Add a new "widgets" array to the configuration...
headerTitle.config.widgets = [
name: "alfresco/menus/AlfMenuBarItem",
config: {
label: "",
pageId: "community",
iconClass: "alf-configure-icon",
targetUrl: "/site/community/dashboard",
selected: ""


In the above code, i tried to modify "HEADER_NAVIGATION_MENU_BAR" object.

In one of its iconClass i specified as  "alf-configure-icon", which pulls up the Gear icon.

The thing am trying to figure out where and what it is referring too. Probably the place where it is defined or source?

widget-palette.lib.js has some sort of definition,

name: "alfresco/forms/controls/DojoSelect",
config: {
name: "defaultConfig.iconClass",
label: "Icon",
value: "",
optionsConfig: {
fixed: [
{label:"Invite User",value:"alf-user-icon"},
{label:"All Selected",value:"alf-allselected-icon"},
{label:"Some Selected",value:"alf-someselected-icon"},
{label:"None Selected",value:"alf-noneselected-icon"},

but i don understand what it is for or how it works ?

Kindly help me out.