Alfresco with Oracle/TDE enabled

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Alfresco with Oracle/TDE enabled


I am planning on turning on TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) in Oracle.  Has anyone already implemented this with Alfresco and have any issues/performance issues arisen?



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Alfresco Employee

Re: Alfresco with Oracle/TDE enabled

According to this benchmark, TDE has impact in performance for any use case:

Oracle Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) performance benchmark test 

When using Alfresco, the main part of the database load is focused in ALF_NODE and ALF_NODE_PROPERTIES. In fact, I guess you want to use TDE for ALF_NODE_PROPERTIES, where metadata is stored. Anyway, I don't see any problem for TDE derivated from this fact.

I didn't tested this configuration, but IMO it should work fine with Alfresco.

Hyland Developer Evangelist

Re: Alfresco with Oracle/TDE enabled

Thanks for the response.  I had read that link and forwarded onto my peers.  They were just curious if there was anyone in the Alfresco community who has implemented TDE and what their experience was.

My understanding is what you said, this should be transparent to Alfresco and the overhead, if any will be on the encrypting/decrytping, etc.

Thanks again!