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AlfrescoSync- source project


Please guide to download the source codes/project for the file "AlfrescoSync-"

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Alfresco Employee

Re: AlfrescoSync- source project

Why would you need this ? I would highly recommend that you do not try to use - it was an early preview & incomplete. I'm not even sure if the source code was ever publicly available ?

If you have a throw away development system and don't mind data loss then the exe is still available as a link from ...

Community file list 4.2.b 

Community file list 4.2.a 

 ... but please read the important warning on those pages, including:

IMPORTANT  As this is an early preview, data loss is possible. Alfresco recommends you DO NOT use this with important data.

Note: you can also navigate via each of the release notes for 4.2.a through to 4.2.f at the bottom of:

Alfresco Community 4.2 

If you're interested in the enterprise supported version of Desktop Sync 1.0 then please also consider trying out:

Alfresco Desktop Sync 1.0 | Alfresco Documentation 

Another different option might be: ( )