allow consumer to upload file

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Member II

allow consumer to upload file

Hi there,

how can I add permissions for role consumer to upload files? The goal is to have users that can create documents but can not create directory.

Thank you.

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Alfresco Employee

Re: allow consumer to upload file

Hi @alex771 

Can I just confirm the requirement?

1) You want to allow some users (role = consumer) to be able to upload documents but not to be able to create a document?

2) Is this requirement global or restricted to certain sites?

Can I ask why the difference? It seems to be that uploading a document is creating a new document? Or are they only allowed to upload new versions of existing documents?


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Member II

Re: allow consumer to upload file

The Manager create the site and then with the browser repository create a set of folders.
The Users (role=consumer) can only create  and upload new versions of documents into these folders but they cannot create subfolder.

The full control of the folder is for the manager role. User cannot create/modfiy/delete this folders.