AOS 1.2.2 strange Problem with Edit on Microsoft Office

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AOS 1.2.2 strange Problem with Edit on Microsoft Office

Hi, first of all, thanks a lot for you help, i'm new in this community. I try to explain the issue.

We have installed the 201901GA docker distribution of Alfresco Community Edition with HAProxy to manage SSL.

We only have a strange problem with aos and the "edit on microsoft office" option.

When i edit a office document for the first time (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, it doesn't matter what kind of) everything works very well: Office opens the doc, it's possibile to edit it and finally when you close the checkout is good (also the versioning ecc...). The problem appears the second time i try to edit the same document on office. I'm able to open the document with Word (or Excel, ecc..) but when i try to save it, Office shows a connection server error and the file can't be saved in the repository.

I modify the log4j conf and trace some other logs about aos.

I attach a first edit (the good one), and a second one (the failed one).