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Archive to AWS Glacier by rule

I am studying how to dynamcially archive documents to AWS Glacier, e.g. by last modified date, and without moving files between folders?

From the official doc: (https:/ / ), it suggests to add rules on folder level; however the rule setup does not meet our requirements at all:

  • The triggering point of folder rules only haves options "when created/enter", "when updated" or "when deleted/leave". That means if I have to archive a file I could only either 1/ create an archive folder and move files to it, or 2/ explicitly touching the file, or 3/ delete it ; But we perfer archived documents remain under it's original folder without touching it
  • The criteria setup of "Modified date" / "Modified" is comparison with an exact date value; Isn't most common scenario is to housekeep files after N days instead of after an exact date like 31/12/2021, then anything put in this folder after 31/12 would be archived immediately?

Anyone have experience on this could give me some help?

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Re: Archive to AWS Glacier by rule

This is an enterprise only connector. You should contact the support and take their guidance to customize/extend the add-on/connector to add addtional options. 

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)