ASS 2.0: Solr shards placement (enforced by user)

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ASS 2.0: Solr shards placement (enforced by user)


I need some clarification about how solr sharding works with Alfresco 7 + ASS 2.0 Community Edition.

I would like to place my shards on specific servers and tie them to some specific SSD disks using DB_ID_RANGE.

I managed to create a first deployment where I configure the shards on specific nodes and it works fine.

However, it looks like when trying to add new shards to an existing deployment alfresco repository is deciding where the new shards are deployed and the existing ones are moved around onto new servers and as such that breaking my SSD configuration.

It seems there's a java class in alfresco repository placing the shard instances (with replicas) following a given algorithm which imposes the solr shard placement and does not allow the user to decide where new shards sould be placed.

Has anyone encountered the same issue?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Alfresco Employee

Re: AAS 2.0: Solr shards placement (enforced by user)

You need every shard for a DBID Shard configuration ("All shards required"), as described in documentation:

Since Community only supports that Shard method, no alternative is provided.

For Enterprise deployments, DBID Range can be used in order to add new shards dynamically.

Hyland Developer Evangelist