At the start add all users for workflow

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At the start add all users for workflow


I have a question if alfresco workflow have a feature that at the start a workflow a user can define all path of workflow.

I mean, first user who start workflow choose a specific person who must approve a document in workflow in all levels of workflow. 

So he define a path of document for example he is user A next workflow step is go to approver B and next step is go to Director A

  • User A
  • Approver B
  • Director B

So it is this feature in alfresco? And how i can do it?

Thank you for your response!


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Re: At the start add all users for workflow

Of course, you can specify custom execution variables in the initial task form, for example execution.setVariable("validator", task.getVariable("taskValidator")). You should create a form so that the initial user can set these values. Then you set this value as assignee in their tasks: ${validator}