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Audit DataExtractor Custom No registered

Hello, I'm developing a custom audit file.
But when the system informs: "No registered audit data extractor exists for ..."

The application works correctly until you insert a custom extractor.

I'm using SDK 4.3.

Apparently it loads the audit xml before the beans.

2022-10-15 18:50:26,519 ERROR [org.alfresco.repo.audit.model.AuditModelRegistryImpl] [main] Failed to load audit model: jar:file:/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/lib/toolkit-platform-03.003.000.jar!/alfresco/extension/audit/htf-audit.xml
org.alfresco.repo.audit.model.AuditModelException: 09150002 No registered audit data extractor exists for 'auditModel.extractor.htf.userRolesExtractor'.
        <DataExtractor name="htfUserRoles" registeredName="auditModel.extractor.htf.userRolesExtractor"/>
<bean id="auditModel.extractor.htf.userRolesExtractor" class="com.htf.toolkit.helper.CustomUserRolesDataExtractor">
		<property name="registry" ref="auditModel.extractorRegistry" />
		<property name="siteService" ref="siteService" />

I noticed that the same thing happens with rm-audit, if it depends on my project (amp) and I use hotswap.

The application does not load.

Already my independent if I use the hotswap or not, the reported error happens.

Any suggestion? I've tried to move the audit.xml to different locations, in the jar, in the shared folder and without success.

Thank you all.

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Member II

Re: Audit DataExtractor Custom No registered

Modifying the alfresco-repository-11.140 jar, and including it in the audit-services-context.xml, works. but it is not an acceptable solution.