Audit events and PDF progressiveLoad

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Audit events and PDF progressiveLoad


I have recently enabled alfresco-access, but I notice that since we have enabled progressiveLoading in web-preview.get.config.xml, we are getting seperate readContent audit entries for each chunk.

This shows as multiple entries for an individual user & document, within milliseconds of each other. 

Is there anything we can do to filter this, perhaps to only re-log the same event after a specified time has passed ?

This is version 5.1.2 Enterprise

Many thanks


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Re: Audit events and PDF progressiveLoad

There really is no way to filter this. You may have also noticed that you may get two readContent entries just for some user downloading a single file (even without progressive load).

This circumstance is why I ususally do not use alfresco-access. I prefer defining my own audit application. This enables me to also implement some kind of consolidation / cleanup job that aggregates audit events asynchronously to simplify the data structure and eliminate potentially redundant entries. Doing any post-procesing on audit data requires low-level Java programming and can be a bit complex. Usually you are mapping data from one audit application to another, and deleting the original entries when done. I use such an approach e.g. in my generic audit addon for tracking "active users".


Re: Audit events and PDF progressiveLoad

Thanks for that Axel - the end goal here was to implement a BI tool - or something like Francesco Corti's AAAR / Alflytics, but I agree I some sort of consolidation will be required first. 

I'll check out your active users addon - thanks.