Auhtentification issues in Alfresco 6.2

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Auhtentification issues in Alfresco 6.2

Hi there,

(my english is not so great so please be mindful)

A bit of context :

Actually my society has 2 conccurent servers running differents version of Alfresco .
The server 1 in 5.1 (yes, inda old isn't he ?) -> our production server
We use http endpoints like /alfresco/s/api/login to generate authentication tickets
And in almost all cases the alf_ticket as authentication
We can read/create/delete/update folders and documents with no issues

The server 2 in 6.2 wich will become our production once it has been fully tested,
As yu can guess right now we have a small issue with the authentication.

In order :
To create we use alf_ticket like on 5.1

1 -  http://ipSmiley Tongueort/alfresco/s/api/login?u={}&pw={}
   A ticket is generated, i could use it to "read" documents but not "create" documents even with admin credentials
return a "401" unauthorized in postam

2 - http://ipSmiley Tongueort/alfresco/api/-default-/public/authentication/versions/1/tickets + body{userId:"",password:""}
  A ticket is generated, the ticket is exactly the same (same ticket id),  but this time i can reate (if the account  is allowed to ) return 200 ok in Postman

Did this happened to anyone yet ?

Sould we change our external app to call /alfresco/api/-default-/public/authentication/versions/1/tickets ?
Or http://ipSmiley Tongueort/alfresco/s/api/login has been deprecated ?

This concerns me , be cause it seems that the ticket is correctly generated but the rights are not the same when using different methods.

I already thank you